CRDC’s mission is to create appreciating value from the world’s plastic waste by converting it into RESIN8™, an Eco-Aggregate that improves concrete. Founded in 2018, we currently have operations in Costa Rica, the USA, South Africa, UK, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, and Samoa.


CRDC, or Center for Regenerative Design & Collaboration, was born out of a powerful idea – to fully harness the potential of regenerative design.

Our story starts with a small non-profit community outreach program in a fishing village in Costa Rica. Donald Thomson, at the time a local building developer, was on a mission to use donations from resort development to uplift the local community. Seizing the opportunity, he converted two abandoned beach bars into community centers. In time, these centers became to host many projects, ranging from basic education to free classical music lessons to everyone in the area, even establishing a new institution in the process.

Returning the favor, the children, their teachers, and volunteers from around the world, reciprocated by helping with mangrove restoration and beach cleanups. This reciprocity, and the idea that true circularity involves the repurposing of existing goods, is what inspired CRDC.

CRDC’s current logo design stems from this Mangrove Restore Reforestation Program. The three colored droplets represent the fundamentals of biomimicry. The seed, the leaf, and the water are meant to be symbols for the most basic elements of regeneration.

Today, CRDC is a rapidly scaling international company with operations in Costa Rica, the US, South Africa, the UK, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Samoa. We’re inspired by our mission to create value from the world’s plastic waste, and by our commitment to regenerative design - where the output is greater than the sum of the inputs – which remains at the core of our mission.

To find out more about CRDC Global or to partner with us to help solve the world’s plastic waste crisis, drop us a line or contact us through any of our social media channels!

Our REAP model is the heart
of everything we do


At CRDC global, our team is truly our greatest asset. Passionate, dedicated, and experienced, we have the right team in place to scale our solution and bring real change to both the plastics and the construction industries.

Scroll through our bios below to learn more about our amazing international team of experts.


Donald Thomson

Years of Experience: 41

Areas of Expertise: Strategic Vision, Product design, Built Environment, Applied Research, and Team Building

Worked For: Other than a short period as a Lab Tech in a Petroleum Refinery, I have always been self-employed

Passionate About: Having at least my feet in the ocean and everything about coffee

Claim to Fame: Without a doubt, it is building the collaborative team that makes up CRDC

More About Donald
Ross Gibby

Years of experience: 32

Areas of Expertise: Project Management, Business Development, Brand Innovation, Contract Manufacturing, and Marketing

Worked For: All mainstream US TV channels (ABC, NBC, etc.), Maindock, Tekscan & Igus, and Source International

Passionate About: Creating win-win solutions and skiing deep powder

Claim to Fame: Played the role of Brad the Bad Kisser on “Sex and the City” and retained enough dignity to have a career in business

More About Ross
Brett Jordaan

Years of experience: 20

Areas of Expertise: Business Strategy, Corporate and Project Finance, Venture Financing, Business Development, and Sustainable Technologies

Worked For: Evolution Capital Limited, Evolution Markets LLC, and Natural Capital Partners (Carbon Neutral)

Passionate About: Surfing and conscious expansion

Claim to Fame: Founded The Pristine Earth Collective

More About Brett
Nelson Stratta

Years of experience: 32

Areas of Expertise: Finance, Strategic Planning, Funding for ESG/SDGs, and Environmental Development Finance

Worked For: World Bank, EU, Governments, Consulting firms, Foundations and Corporations

Passionate About: Producing independent films, everything outdoors and playing tennis tournaments with my 7-year-old daughter

Claim to Fame: Known for building effective collaboration between public and private entities in post conflict and fragile states

More About Nelson
Sadia Chand

Years of experience: 25

Areas of Expertise: Environmental Compliance, Conflict Resolution, Construction Monitoring, Community Building, and Personal Empowerment

Worked With: Chand Environmental Consultants, Martin & East, Corporate Image, Partners for Possibility, and the Secret Sunrise

Passionate About: Dancing secretly at sunrise/sunset and pursing “juicy” pizzas!

Claim to Fame: Winning Businesswomen of the Year in 2012

More About Sadia
Sebastian van der Vegt

Years of experience: 25

Areas of Expertise: Strategic Communications, Marketing, Media, Sustainability, and International Business

Worked For: The Coca-Cola Company, United Nations, and WBMV Consulting

Passionate About: Sustainable growth and leaving the world a better place for my kids

Claim to Fame: Co-Authored the first UN book on business and sustainability with foreword by Secretary General Kofi Annan (Raising the Bar)

More About Sebastian
Simon Bartlett

Years of experience: 31

Areas of Expertise: Strategy & Business Management, Brand Strategy, Partnerships, and Social Enterprise

Worked For: WBMV Consulting, The Coca-Cola Company, and Britvic Soft Drinks

Passionate About: The great outdoors and sports – football (soccer), skiing, golf, mountain biking

Claim to Fame: Led the Coca-Cola Zero brand worldwide

More About Simon
Juan José Obando

Years of experience: 21

Areas of Expertise: International law, environmental law, technology law

Worked For: OPRLEGAL, Obando International Law & Technology, Universidad Latina de Costa Rica

Passionate About: Animal welfare, soccer, legal education and the impact of new technology on society

Claim to Fame: Lead attorney for Apreflofas, the first environmental NGO allowed to participate in the official private international arbitration process

More About Juan
David Zamora

Years of experience: 11

Areas of Expertise: Corporate Strategy and Business Management, Marketing & Sales, and Project Management

Worked For: Grupo PEDREGAL, and GICO

Passionate About: Family, soccer, and mountain biking

Claim to Fame: Played semi-professional soccer

More About David
Doug Woodring

Years of experience: 28

Areas of Expertise: Plastic Pollution, Ocean Protection, Recycling and Plastic Innovations, Environmental Entrepreneurship, and Program Development

Current/Past Experience: Ocean Recovery Alliance, Submedia, and Merrill Lynch Asset Management

Passionate About: Competitive Outrigger Canoe Racing and Swimming, and Ocean Protection

Claim to Fame: Prince’s Prize from Prince Albert of Monaco, UNEP Climate Hero, Google Earth Hero, and Inductee in Int’l Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame

More About Doug
Sylvie Verinder

Years of experience: 34

Areas of Expertise: Waste Industry, Environmental Monitoring & Regulation, Recycling, Stakeholder Engagement, and Circular Economy

Worked For: Aspinwall & Company Ltd, Viridor Waste Management, and Plastic Oceans Foundation

Passionate About: Wild swimming, snorkeling, beach cleaning, and farming alpacas!

Claim to Fame: Led the design and build of the award winning Ardley Energy Recovery Centre – delivering the circular economy to the world

More About Sylvie
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