CRDC and WeCollect to Launch Australia’s First Full-Scale RESIN8™ Facility

CRDC and WeCollect to Launch Australia’s First Full-Scale RESIN8™ Facility 

CRDC Australia and WeCollect have formalised a groundbreaking partnership to construct Australia’s first full-scale RESIN8 production facility in Melbourne. This landmark development represents a major stride in Australia’s efforts to address the plastic waste crisis and help transition towards a more sustainable and circular economy. 

CRDC and WeCollect to Launch Australia's First Full-Scale RESIN8 Facility

Planning and site establishment of the state-of-the-art plant, located in Tottenham, Melbourne Victoria, is currently underway, with production slated to commence before the start of Australian spring, 2023. The facility will have an initial production capacity of 1 metric tonnes per hour (tph) increasing to 2 tph in the coming months, fitting comfortably within CRDC’s typical RESIN8 Plant scale range of 1.5 to 4.5 tph.

Significantly, the facility’s modular production lines present ample opportunities for capacity augmentation simply by incorporating additional lines.  This aligns seamlessly with the medium-term objectives of the joint venture (JV), which envisions at least two large-scale RESIN8 plants operating within Melbourne alone.

“CRDC Australia and WeCollect are grateful for the support received from the local community in Melbourne in our efforts to tackle plastic waste. We’ve also had a very positive reaction from the construction industry, which in Australia is at the forefront of embracing innovative and sustainable practices.  We look forward to building on these partnerships as we establish our new RESIN8 production facility and move towards building a more sustainable Australia,” said Shane Ramsey, National Operations Manager of CRDC Australia. 

General Manager of WeCollect,  Paul du Plessis, added: “WeCollect is very excited to have finalized a partnership to develop Australia’s first RESIN8 plant. This plant will address our immediate issue of dealing with e-waste plastic, and has the potential to receive and recycle a wide range of other plastic waste.”


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