First Production Run of RESIN8™ in the UK

Trial-run produced 2.5 metric tons of RESIN8, commercial trials to follow shortly. 

Using a combination of plastic waste, including PET, HDPE, PS and LDPE waste, CRDC’s UK team succeeded in October to produce the first test-batch of RESIN8 in the Southwest of England.  RESIN8 is an eco-aggregate made from mixed, hard to recycle plastic waste that is used to improve the performance of concrete. Working closely with a prospective recycling partner, the team produced 2.5 metric tons of RESIN8 over the course of a week. 

The primary objective of the RESIN8 production was to produce enough RESIN8 materials to conduct a major industrial trial together with local concrete producers.  A secondary objective was to build a pilot-scale production line in anticipation of a larger commercial roll-out and expansion in 2022. CRDC UK collaborated with its recycling partners to purchase the new machinery and establish the production line at their facility. 

“We look forward to the potential of a long-term relationship with our recycling partners here in the UK, and we are extremely excited to produce this first batch of RESIN8.  There is a huge problem of hard-to-recycle plastics in the UK, and we believe that CRDC is really well positioned to be an important part of the solution,” said Ciaran Dawson, Director CRDC UK. Every year the UK generates more than two million metric tons of plastic packaging waste, and currently recycles less than half this amount. 

In November the first batch of RESIN8 will be transported to CRDC’s UK concrete partners for commercial trials. The material will be used as a climate resilient concrete additive to create high density, medium density and lightweight concrete blocks. Charles Delaney, Director CRDC UK, explains: “this crucial step paves the way for the commissioning of larger production lines in 2022, and will help us secure long-term offtake agreements with key partners.” 

CRDC UK plans to commission multiple 4.5mt/hr processing plants in 2022 alongside local partners to cope with demand and a growing concern about the impact of construction projects on the environment. 

Watch these 2 short videos that capture the first production of RESIN8 in the UK.

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