Habitat for Humanity and CRDC Mexico Join Forces to Build Sustainable Housing

Habitat for Humanity and CRDC Mexico Join Forces to Build Sustainable Housing

CRDC Mexico and Habitat for Humanity are joining forces to build new sustainable housing in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico. The project, called Lekil na’ (which in Tzotzil means “Sustainable Housing”), will use concrete blocks made with RESIN8™ – a first of its kind for Mexico – with the aim of reducing the environmental footprint of new construction through a circular solution for the use of plastic waste and strengthening the social fabric of communities. 

During the first phase of this project, 16 new 62-square meter homes will be built, benefiting 16 families. In addition to using concrete made with RESIN8™, these sustainable homes include features such as biodigesters, solar heaters, bathrooms with rainwater collectors, and wood-saving stoves. It is estimated that construction of the houses will take four months. In a second stage, this project will implement a circular economy model in the beneficiary communities, allowing them to recycle their own plastic waste and produce blocks to build or remodel additional homes.

Vania Monterrubio, project lead for Habitat for Humanity Mexico, expressed her enthusiasm for the project: “With this social investment we will improve the quality of life of the communities, building dignified spaces for families to live. In addition, we will make a lasting impact on the environment by giving life to waste and transforming it into building materials.” She has also invited companies, national and international corporations to join this project and replicate it outside Chiapas – so they can design their own homes to high standards.  Habitat advocates that families become agents of change through training and technical advice.

CEO of CRDC Mexico, Maria Laura Rojas, added: “In this first stage, we will be working with Tzotzil communities in Chiapas and eventually, with the support of our partners, we hope to impact many more communities throughout the country.”  This initiative falls within CRDC Mexico’s mission to create value from mismanaged plastic waste and also aligns with Habitat for Humanity Mexico’s mission to provide access to dignified housing and decent living conditions for people in need.

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