Plástico Circular Initiative: Pioneering Circular Plastic Use in Belén

Plástico Circular Initiative: Pioneering Circular Plastic Use in Belén

Making its debut in the dynamic business landscape of Belén, Costa Rica, the new “Plástico Circular” initiative is establishing a new benchmark in inventive, eco-friendly plastic stewardship. Through the collective efforts of CRDC Global, PEDREGAL, FIFCO, INTEL, NESTLÉ, and VEINSA, and aligned with the Ministerio de Salud Belen-Flores and the UNDP’s Landscapes without Plastic initiative,  Plástico Circular ambitiously addresses the challenge of non-recyclable plastics by diverting them from landfills into a sustainable, circular lifecycle.

Pivoting from a disposal mindset, the initiative elevates the utility of non-valuable plastics by transforming them into RESIN8™, a synthetic aggregate used in construction projects. This approach not only mitigates environmental impact but also prolongs the life cycle of these materials, pragmatically translating circular economy principles into action.

Plástico Circular, conscientious of its ecological footprint, utilizes electric trucks to gather plastics throughout Belén, adeptly navigating both waste and emission challenges. Moreover, the initiative also includes an educational component, the CRDC-led REAP Circular Economy Educational Program, which seeks to instill the principles of sustainable and circular economies among the youth of Belén.

Companies that align with the initiative will be given a distinctive seal, signifying their commitment to sustainable plastic management and clearly signaling their environmental stewardship to consumers.

With the bold ambition to repurpose 100 tons of non-valuable plastics within this year and projecting 1,000 tons over the coming three years, Plástico Circular underscores the tangible impact of collaboration, innovative application of technology, and steadfast commitment to sustainability. 

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