South Africa’s Construction and Development Industry Embraces RESIN8™

South Africa’s Construction and Development Industry Embraces RESIN8™

After launching the RESIN8™ pilot plant in Cape Town last year and being recognized with the DOW impact award, South Africa’s construction and development industry has been busy testing RESIN8 in a wide variety of concrete application tests – coming through with flying colors. Multiple concrete manufacturers partnered with CRDC’s South Africa team to test RESIN8 in building blocks, maxi bricks, pavers, kerbs, channels and concrete pipes.

The tests left the concrete manufacturers excited and looking for more. Cape Concrete Managing director, Darty Louw, says RESIN8 works well with small unreinforced diameter pipes: “We are achieving a 200% design strength with the pipes and getting good results with kerbs and concrete cubicles.” For his part, Roan Heunis from PPC (South Africa’s largest cement manufacturer), expressed great excitement about the possibilities of using RESIN8 in concrete products, stating that “RESIN8 is a game changer in the concrete industry.”

RBJ Brick and Block successfully substituted all-natural crushed aggregate in their manufactured brick with RESIN8. This endeavour resulted in the brick exceeding the required strength while significantly reducing the weight. The weight reduction had a favourable impact on the transport cost, which meant there was also a reduction in CO2 emissions. The outstanding results led the company to commit to purchase a minimum of 100 tons of RESIN8 a month, once the scaled up production capacity of the Cape Town plant is complete, likely in Q1 in 2023.

RESIN8 has also been very well received by South Africa’s major property developers, including Garden Cities, Balwin Properties, and MSP Developments. Reiner Smith, Group Manager for Garden Cities said, “The idea of addressing a waste stream that would normally be hugely problematic and converting it into something beneficial and re-useable immediately captured our attention. We have already installed two substantial sections of kerbing in two of our developments where Resin8 was utilized in the manufacturing of these kerbs. Resin8 also creates a host of other opportunities in terms of product utilization, job creation, additional income streams in poorer communities and opportunities for further Enterprise Development.”

As publicly facing companies, property developers are well aware of their environmental impact and are actively involved in finding solutions in order to increase their Green Star ratings and lower their impact on the environment. To date, kerbs, channels and bricks made with RESIN8 have been installed in Garden Cities, Balwin Properties and MSP developments.

RESIN8 in a batch plant on the left and kerbs and channels with RESIN8 on the right

RESIN8 Kerbs and channels from I&S Concrete delivered to a project in Sunningdale for Garden Cities

RESIN8 kerbs from Cape Concrete installed in Darwin Road – An MSP project

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