The Bag That Builds is CRDC Global’s plastic recovery program.
Much of the existing waste infrastructure is designed to accept only certain types of plastic. That's why we're working with partners like the UNDP to trial new, simpler and more effective recovery programs that collect all types of plastic waste (no segregation required), thereby helping to divert it from the environment, keeping it out of landfills and avoiding air pollution through incineration.
The concept is simple. Anyone can fill our recycled plastic bags with all types of plastic. We collect the bags as part of the regular waste collection process or at designated collection points. Once we receive these bags, we’ll convert all the plastic waste (recycled bag included) into RESIN8. RESIN8 has multiple applications, from high-end infrastructure to affordable climate resilient homes.
If you are interested in learning more, or want to partner with us, please drop us a line.
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