A Triumphant Try for Sustainability

A Triumphant Try for Sustainability

World Rugby, SA Rugby and CRDC Global Celebrate IOC’s CLIMATE ACTION AWARD

In a groundbreaking recognition, World Rugby, in collaboration with the South African Rugby Union (SA Rugby) and CRDC Global, was bestowed with the inaugural CLIMATE ACTION AWARD by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). This accolade shines a spotlight on our environmental project executed during the Rugby World Cup Sevens 2022 in Cape Town, named “The Bag that Builds.”

The innovative initiative successfully transformed both recyclable and non-recyclable plastic waste collected at the stadium into construction bricks, using CRDC Global’s pioneering eco-aggregate, RESIN8. Crucially, the bricks were used in the construction of social housing in South Africa, harmonizing with the National Department of Housing’s strategic development plan, “Breaking New Ground Homes.”

Mr. Mark Alexander, President of SA Rugby, expressed gratitude for the award, emphasizing the project’s resonance beyond rugby, stating: “Rugby prides itself on making a difference both on and off the field…we are really proud of this recognition from the IOC as the project enabled us to make a real difference in the lives of everyday South Africans.” The project, initially piloted during a Springbok Test match, demonstrated an impactful method for reducing plastic waste and addressing pressing housing concerns in South Africa.

With a significant yield of 3,500 bricks – nearly constructing three housing units – from just a single test match, the project underscored the tangible and scalable impact of the initiative. It’s a vibrant testament to the viable, positive outcomes stemming from collaborative efforts in driving forward sustainability initiatives, particularly in the sporting realm.

This initiative formed part of CRDC SA’s “The Bag That Builds” pilot project funded by The Alliance to End Plastic Waste.  The houses constructed formed part of the Property Developer, Garden Cities’, “Breaking New Ground Homes” developments using the Benex alternative building technology building blocks made with a percentage of RESIN8 aggregate replacement.

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